BeePure Lip Balms and Skin Creams
bee pure natural body products
lip balms, skin creams, balms & lotions, solid shampoos, solid conditioners, deodorants
Handmade using 100% pure, natural ingredients - Dee Why on Sydney's northern beaches
Phone: 02 9982 9268
Mobile: 0425 252 180
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Price List as at December 2015 - you can order any combination of these products to make into a gift pack:

X-Large round shampoos (75g) $10
Large rectangular shampoos (50g) $8
Large round shampoos (50g) $8
Medium round shampoos (35g) $5
Small round shampoos (20g) $3
Solid conditioner (35g) $10
Solid conditioner (10g) $3
Lip Balm 5g $5
Stick deodorant 15g $10
Stick Bug Off 15g $10
Body Lotion 40ml $6
Body Lotion 120ml $10
Body Lotion 300ml $20

Gift Packs (or mix and match from the above):
Body Lotion 40ml & 2 small shampoos $12

Body Lotion 40ml, 1 small shampoo, 1 small conditioner $15
Body Lotion & Deodorant $16
Lip Balm & 1 small shampoo $8
Lip Balm & 1 x 40ml body lotion $11
Lip balm, 20g shampoo & 10g conditioner $11
Lip balm, 20g shampoo, 10g conditioner & 15ml deodorant $21
Potpourri large $4
Potpourri small $2
Star and moon shampoo (15g each) $5
35g shampoo & 35g conditioner $13
20g shampoo & 10g conditioner (sample size) $6
35g shampoo & 10g conditioner (sample size) $8
35g shampoo, 10g conditioner, deodorant $16
35g shampoo, 10g conditioner, deodorant, lip balm $21
50g shampoo, 10g conditioner, 120ml lotion $20
Body lotion 120ml, 35g shampoo, conditioner $18
Body lotion 120ml, 35g shampoo, conditioner, lip balm $23
Body lotion 120ml, 35g shampoo, conditioner, deodorant $28
Body lotion 120ml, 35g shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lip balm $33

bee pure is based on Sydney's northern beaches.
Our products are pure and natural and organic where possible.