Comfrey Balm for wound healing, damaged skin, psoriasis plaques

Comfrey balm (knitbone) to treat psoriasis plaquesComfrey balm (knitbone) is an intensive, thick balm is packed full of oils to assist wound healing. The oils nourish and promote new skin growth while providing anti bacterial, anti microbal and anti inflammatory properties. Heals cracked, dry skin, keeps psoriasis plaques soft and is a beneficial skin softener.

Very good for application to closed wounds. This balm keeps the skin well oiled while the body does the healing.
Please check with your doctor before applying this cream to any wounds. Best applied to closed and healed wounds.

Comfrey balm contains Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Sesame Oil infused with dried comfrey leaves, beeswax, shea butter, palm oil (certified sustainable) & lavender essential oil.
Comfrey balm available in 1 size - 10g

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Also available with 3% salicylic acid to help soften and remove psoriasis plaques.

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