Terms and conditions

The colours of the products may vary depending on the ingredients used. The colours displayed on the screen could also appear different from your purchased product because of screen resolution and quality.

Our products are 100% pure and natural and no artificial preservatives are used. Because of this, the shelf life is shorter than store bought products. However, we do use vitamin E as a natural preservative and the lip balms will last indefinitely, provided no impurities are introduced.

The skin cream will have a shorter shelf life and we recommend that it be used within 4 months of purchase because it contains water which makes the product less stable and prone to mould and bacteria. We use rainwater and this in addition to the vitamin E should ensure a long shelf life. We also recommend that the skin cream be stored in a cool place with the lid on and do not expose to heat and sunlight.

If mould or discolouration appears, or if the skin cream starts to smell unpleasant, the product should be discarded immediately.

We do not offer a warranty for our products because the quality of the product depends on the method of storage. All products leave our premises in pristine condition.

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our product, please contact us so that we can use your experience and recommendations to help improve our products.


We use Australia Post to deliver Australia wide via their standard delivery service. Postage is calculated based on weight. Most of our products can be packed flat in an envelope - $2 up to 125 grams. Packages bigger than this will cost $10 to cover postage and handling.

We can post to outside Australia at a flat cost of $20. If you complete your order, we can modify the postage/freight amount and then you can pay.
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