White Salve for wound healing, cracked lips, psoriasis plaques

White salve for black salve after care treatmentThis intensive, thick balm is packed full of oils to assist wound healing. The oils nourish and promote new skin growth while providing anti bacterial, anti microbal and anti inflammatory properties. Heals cracked, dry lips, keeps psoriasis plaques soft and is a beneficial skin softener.

Very good for application to wounds especially after using black salve/bloodroot salve. This balm keeps the wound well oiled while the body does the healing.
Please check with your doctor before applying this cream to any wounds. Best applied to closed and healed wounds.

The white salve contains extra virgin olive oil, palm oil (certified sustainable), beeswax, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, vitamin A and evening primrose oil, lavendar essential oil.

White Salve available in 1 size - 10g

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Black salve is banned from sale in Australia. The use of black salve is at your own risk and should be used only if you are in good health. Bloodroot is the active ingredient and it is VERY strong. If you are unsure about using black salve, it is recommended that you do so in consultation with a naturopath.
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