Perfect Present for any occasion

Solid shampoos and solid conditioners – handmade on Sydney’s northern beaches

If you are looking for the perfect birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas present for someone who is hard to buy for, then why not buy a solid shampoo and conditioner set?

Ideal for young or old, male or female, vegan or not. It makes a thoughtful Christmas present that is good for the environment, eco friendly, plastic free, good for the scalp and the body.

Something a bit different!

Our solid shampoo bars contain pure, natural oils and are made in the traditional cold process method. The shampoos are then cured for 4-6 weeks to ensure that they are ready for use.

Our solid conditioner bars contain a conditioning agent called BTMS which is extracted from a plant plus other oils and butters to make a lovely, solid conditioner that lasts forever and needs only a tiny amount with each application.

Both the shampoo bar and conditioner bar should be kept dry between uses and not allowed to sit in water or have the shower stream over them unless they are in use.

Vegan Zesty Citrus Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Our conditioner bar contains BTMS, cetyl stearyl alcohol, cocoa & shea butters, sesame, argan, jojoba, hemp, coconut, palm oils, protein, proB5, guar silk and lemongrass EO. Our conditioner bar leaves your hair silky smooth and easy to manage. Just swipe down the length of your hair, scrunch the hair a couple of times in your hands, then rinse out.

Our shampoo bars contain olive oil, palm oil (certified sustainable), canola/sunflower oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, castor oil, rainwater and other natural ingredients to give colour or beneficial properties.

Note:  It could take several washes using the shampoo before your hair and scalp get used to this natural product.  You may find that your hair is initially a little greasy but the scalp will quickly adjust to the solid shampoo.  It could also take several washes to remove built up product from commercial shampoos.  Some users go from daily washing to twice a week or less, saving money and improving their hair condition considerably. This is because the scalp and hair is not being totally degreased and stripped, just gently cleansed.