Solid conditioner bar

Solid conditioner bar has no waste, no packaging and is eco friendly.

Our solid conditioner bar is a pure, natural way to condition and nourish your hair. It is packed full of ingredients that will leave your hair feeling soft and rejuvenated. There are no nasty chemicals in our conditioner, only ingredients that are good for your hair and scalp. Our conditioner returns the scalp and hair to its natural PH balance after using our shampoo.

This is also the perfect hair conditioner for the frequent traveller. Its solid form allows you to take it in your hand luggage without exceeding the liquids limits. It teams beautifully with our solid bar shampoos to provide you with 2 bars that can easily be transported without fear of spillage.

Apply the solid conditioner bar to the hair straight after shampooing, either by rubbing the conditioner onto the hands or by stroking the bar down the hair starting about 4cm from the scalp. Leave in for a minute or two. The conditioner removes tangles and allows you to comb your hair with your fingers before rinsing out.

The 30g bar conditioner should last for around 90 days based on everyday hairwash use on shoulder length hair. Try to keep the bar dry between washes and don’t leave it sitting in water.  Don’t throw away any of it. You can gently heat the broken remains in the microwave and pour into an ice cube mould.

Conditioner ingredients include BTMS (conditioning agent), Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, veg. wax, cocoa and shea butter, palm oil (certified sustainable), olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, hemp oil, protein, pro vitamin b5, guar silk. This conditioner is silicone free.

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