Solid shampoo bar and conditioner bar

Solid shampoo bar and solid conditioner bar sets – 2 separate bars.
A 50g bar of lavender shampoo AND a 30g bar of lemongrass conditioner – silicone free.
The solid shampoo and conditioner sets are packed with natural ingredients – the shampoo gently cleans the hair and the conditioner tames, detangles, conditions and moisturises your hair leaving it full and lustrous.

These bars will last a long time if kept dry between uses. Our The solid shampoo and conditioner sets are more economical than liquid shampoo and conditioner and much more compact. Perfect for travel, hand luggage, back packing and travelling light.
Please note: approx measurements – Shampoo: 6cm diameter x 1.8cm deep, Conditioner: 5cm square x 1cm deep.
The shampoo contains only natural ingredients that are good for your hair and scalp – no harmful, nasty chemicals – leaving your hair squeaky clean and your scalp lightly moisturised.
Note: It could take several washes using the shampoo before your hair and scalp get used to this natural product. You may find that your hair is initially a little greasy but the scalp will quickly adjust to the solid shampoo. It could also take several washes to remove built up product from commercial shampoos. Some users go from daily washing to twice a week or less, saving money and improving their hair condition considerably. This is because the scalp and hair is not being totally degreased and stripped, just gently cleansed.

Our solid hair conditioner is a pure, natural way to condition and nourish your hair. It is packed full of ingredients that will leave your hair feeling soft and rejuvenated. There are no nasty chemicals in our conditioner, only ingredients that are good for your hair and scalp. Our conditioner returns the scalp and hair to its natural PH balance after using our shampoo.

This is also the perfect hair conditioner for the frequent traveller. Its solid form allows you to take it in your hand luggage without exceeding the liquids limits. It teams beautifully with our solid bar shampoos to provide you with 2 bars that can easily be transported without fear of spillage.

Apply the conditioner to the hair straight after shampooing, either by rubbing the conditioner onto the hands or by stroking the bar down the hair starting about 4cm from the scalp. Leave in for a minute or two. The conditioner removes tangles and allows you to comb your hair with your fingers before rinsing out.

The 30g bar conditioner should last for around 90 days based on everyday hairwash use on shoulder length hair. Try to keep the bar dry between washes and don’t leave it sitting in water.

Conditioner ingredients include BTMS (conditioning agent), Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, veg. wax, cocoa and shea butter, palm oil (certified sustainable), olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, hemp oil, protein, pro vitamin b5. This conditioner is silicone free.
Shampoo ingredients include olive oil, palm oil (certified sustainable), rice bran/canola, sesame, coconut, castor oils, carnauba/candelilla wax,  rainwater.

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