Calendula comfrey balm 10g




Calendula Comfrey Salve/Balm – soothing for itchy skin, eczema, psoriasis, rash, sunburn, bites
1 only – bee pure calendula & comfrey salve/balm. 100% pure and natural – handmade – 10g pot
This balm is perfect to soothe and relieve the symptoms of itchy, irritated skin. It contains pure and natural ingredients that are soothing and nourishing for the skin.
Soothing for all sorts of skin conditions such as nappy rash, moluscum, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, insect bites, sunburn, etc.
Does not contain any harmful ingredients such as petroleum products, phenols, preservatives.
The calendula is harvested from my own garden and the ingredients are sourced locally (where possible).
Ingredients: Comfrey leaves & calendula petals infused in extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter and lavender essential oil.

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