Natural deodorant wind up stick 15g




A wind up stick of pure and natural deodorant. Perfect for sensitive skin.
Throw away your harsh, toxic store bought deodorants and start using something that is good for your body and good for the environment.
It contains Diatomaceous earth which can assist the underarms in neutralising odours and absorbing moisture. This ingredient also works to draw out any toxins and heavy metals from the body.

beepure deodorant is in a 15g tube and is made up of oils, butters and powders to gently deodorise your underarms.
This is not an anti-perspirant – the body needs to sweat!
This deodorant prevents the bacteria from flourishing in sweaty armpits.
If you are sensitive to the alkalinity of bi carb soda, then try our ‘no bi carb’ deodorant.

Note: If you have delicate skin, please do a patch test first.
I have sensitive skin and I have no problems using this deodorant.

Use on shaved/hairless armpits – the deodorant needs to be applied directly to the skin to allow the coconut oil to melt on contact.

Contains coconut oil, shea & cocoa butters, pure beeswax, vitamin E and evening primrose oils, bi carb soda, arrowroot powder, Diatomaceous earth and lemongrass essential oil.

Note: This is not an anti perspirant and does not prevent sweating.

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Weight .015 kg