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How to clean greasy hair

This is a method that I recommend as a one-off prewash treatment to remove any build up from commercial shampoos and clean greasy hair.

Simply mix up a paste of 2 tablespoons of bi carb soda with enough water to make a paste and work this through your wet hair.  Then rinse.
Next, use my shampoo, working it all over your hair to build up a lather.  Work this through for a minute or so, finger comb to remove tangles, then rinse.

solid shampoos and solid conditioners
50g solid shampoo bar

A solid, natural shampoo can take up to several washes before it feels good.  This is because of the build up of silicones and other residuals in store bought shampoo.  Also, your hair may be damaged, treated or may not respond well to a natural shampoo.  Give it time and allow your hair and scalp to adjust.

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