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Natural sunscreen by beepure

Our sunscreen uses our basic skin cream with zinc oxide added to make a SPF20 product that is perfect for everyday use for the whole family.
Excellent as a facial moisturiser to provide mild sun protection from incidental sun exposure during the day.
Please note that this is NOT waterproof and must be reapplied after swimming, exercise or any activity that might remove it.

Great for the whole body – face, hands, arms, shoulders, legs.

Please note that exposure to the midday sun will result in your skin burning, especially in summer.
Avoid the midday sun and try to minimise exposure. Do not sunbake or use tanning beds.
The harmful UV rays of the sun damage the skin, cause premature aging and can cause skin cancer.

SKIN SENSITIVITY: Please review the ingredient list thoroughly. If you are unsure of how your body will react to the product, please perform a patch test before use.