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Solid shampoo bars handmade on Sydney’s northern beaches

A solid shampoo bar is so much more practical and eco friendly than liquid shampoo. There is no plastic bottle to dispose of and there are no bad ingredients in solid shampoo bars.

solid shampoos and solid conditioners

Most commercial liquid shampoos contain some questionable ingredients that can be bad for you and bad for the environment. Have a read of the small print ingredient list on the back of a shampoo bottle and there will be many ingredients that you won’t be familiar with. Compare that with the ingredient list for beepure solid shampoos and you will find that you’ve heard of all the ingredients. That’s because beepure solid shampoos contain saponified oils made in the traditional cold process method of soap making. What did people do before the days of liquid shampoo? They used soap to wash their hair. Our solid shampoo bars are basically a soap bar with additional oils and botanicals to help clean the hair and scalp. Plus they can be used as a body soap too.

Solid shampoo bars will last up to around 80 washes, so far more economical than bottled shampoo. Our solid shampoo bars are a concentrate that is not diluted with water.
There is around 80% of water in commercial shampoos, so you are paying a lot for the 20% of commercial shampoo ingredients.

After using a solid shampoo bar for a few weeks, your hair will need fewer washes. I used to wash my hair every day but now only need to wash it twice a week.

A solid shampoo bar could also help with some scalp conditions such as psoriasis and dandruff. I had psoriasis on the back of my scalp for 5 years and tried everything including cortisone prescribed by the dermatologist. Nothing worked and I was desperate. That was when I started making my own shampoos. Within a few months my psoriasis had cleared up completely and I remain free of the revolting scaly, flaky, itchy scalp.