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Solid conditioner bars handmade on Sydney’s northern beaches

A solid conditioner bar is so much more practical and eco friendly than liquid conditioner. There is no plastic bottle to dispose of and there are no bad ingredients in solid conditioner bars.

solid shampoos and solid conditioners

Most commercial liquid conditioners contain some questionable ingredients that can be bad for you and bad for the environment. Have a read of the small print ingredient list on the back of a conditioner bottle and there will be many ingredients that you won’t be familiar with. Compare that with the ingredient list for beepure solid conditioners and you will find that you’ve heard of most of the ingredients. That’s because beepure solid conditioners contain oils and butters.

Solid conditioner bars will last up to around 100 washes, so far more economical than bottled conditioner. Our solid conditioner bars are a concentrate that is not diluted with water.
There is around 80% of water in commercial conditioners, so you are paying a lot for the 20% of commercial conditioner ingredients.

To use the solid conditioner bar, wash your hair with our solid shampoo bar first and while the hair is sudsy, finger comb out all the knots, then rinse out the shampoo. Next, swipe the solid conditioner bar down the length of the hair avoiding the scalp. You just want to condition your hair, not your scalp! A little bit goes a long way, so try to just swipe it 3 or 4 times, then work it through the ends of the hair. Then rinse.

Keep the solid conditioner bar and solid shampoo bar dry between uses and ensure that they don’t get wet every time the shower is used. This will ensure longevity of the bars.