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Solid hair conditioner bars by beepure

30g bar conditioner packed with natural ingredients to detangle, defrizz, condition and moisturise your hair.

Our solid hair conditioner is a pure, natural way to condition and nourish your hair. It is packed full of ingredients that will leave your hair feeling soft and rejuvenated. There are no nasty chemicals in our conditioner, only ingredients that are good for your hair and scalp.

This is also the perfect hair conditioner for the frequent traveller. Its solid form allows you to take it in your hand luggage without exceeding the liquids limits. It teams beautifully with our solid bar shampoos to provide you with 2 bars that can easily be transported without fear of spillage.

Solid Conditioner Lemongrass
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Natural skincare products by beepure

Skin creams and body products

The skin cream and body lotion is a great treatment for sensitive, dry skin, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and many other skin conditions. It keeps the skin moisturised and hydrated to prevent itching and flaking. Read more about my recommendations for psoriasis treatment …
The lotions contain a little beeswax to seal in the moisture and oils and to protect the skin from the environment. Beeswax softens the skin and is naturally healing. Other ingredients include extra virgin olive oil, soy wax, rainwater, rosehip, evening primrose and vitamin E oils.
Because there are no artificial preservatives used, the shelf life of the product is around 6 months after opening. The vitamin E is a natural preservative and the product will last well if kept in a cool, dry area.
The skin cream is a rich, intensive treatment that can be used several times a week. It is a little more oily on the skin and is ideal for face and hands (but can be used all over the body).
The skin lotion contains similar ingredients to the skin cream but has the consistency of sorbolene and is ideal to apply to the whole body after a shower.
Various fragrances are available such as ylang ylang, patchouli, lavender, rose geranium or a combination of these.


Our soaps contain extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, palm oil (certified sustainable), rainwater and various fragrances. Some also have natural exfoliants such as oatmeal, orange rind, lime rind, dessicated coconut, lavender flowers, rosemary and thyme leaves, all of which have their own gentle fragrance.
The soaps are sold in a block form weighing around 30 grams and feel luxurious and pampering.

Bar Solid Shampoo Bars

Our bar shampoos contain the finest ingredients for the hair and scalp and can help treat conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, alopecia, thinning hair and baldness. They can contain olive, castor, coconut, palm (certified sustainable), grapeseed, sunflower, rice bran, sesame, sweet almond oils. Some also have natural exfoliants such as oatmeal, orange rind, lime rind, dessicated coconut, lavender flowers, rosemary and thyme leaves, all of which have their own gentle fragrance and are extremely beneficial for great looking hair.
You may wish to use a conditioner after using the shampoo, especially if you have longish hair. I’d recommend my solid hair conditioner bar.
The shampoos are currently made in a 30 gram or 17 gram disc shape.


Our deodorants are completely natural and contain no aluminimum. Please note that they do not stop you perspiring – they stop body odour caused by bacteria.
They contain coconut oil, shea butter, bicarb soda and arrowroot powder and become semi solid in colder weather but warm and melt quickly when they are applied to your skin.
Fragrances available are natural, ylang ylang or patchouli.


Our beeswax lip balm and skin cream is mixed with high grade, certified organic oils to create a soothing, healing and medicinally beneficial skin care product that is safe for everyone***
The beeswax in the lip balm is from NSW and has a lovely natural honey flavour. The beeswax used in the soaps, lotions and creams is an unscented beeswax.

Read more about beeswax …

Soy wax

The vegan alternative is to use only soy wax in our lip balms and skin creams.


We use a range of carrier and essential oils in our lip balms and skin creams.

** check with your medical practitioner if you are taking any medication to ensure that there is no contra interaction.
*** pregnant women should not use essential oils